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We have multiple content delivery platforms, have served up three major symposiums on electronic digital signage, and all key executives at LobbyPOP are certified by DSEG as Digital Sign Experts.

We produce platform-agnostic HD content for screens for some 20 vertical markets.

We offer the most reliable and trusted new technologies for media players, commercial displays and software deployment from the cloud. Or use locally, it is all in your hands!

Wholesale Products and Services

Our work with you, the sign professional, focuses on three main goals: 1) To increase customer satisfaction by improving the service experience; 2) To strengthen the relationship between the customer and you – their dynamic sign consultant; and 3) To educate you on the latest content offerings and deployment considerations in this ever-changing, dynamic industry. If we can not only provide you with excellent service and products to make you a hero in your client’s eyes, but also provide you with trustworthy information and education resources, we are fulfilling our primary objectives.

Creative Content

Our unique LobbyPOP content system provides the nation’s first compelling, true-to-the-market, cinema-quality experience for small businesses. It is ideal for applications in business lobbies, waiting rooms, hotels, banks and retail shops. Our prices will blow you away! Get approved, log in, and enjoy!


This amazing software is the #1 Choice of Sign Professionals! It is easy for a graphics professional to create stunning layers and blend in all of today’s best tools: From HD video and weather forecasts, to Twitter feeds and news tickers! This is the power behind Costco, Chuck E Cheese, Fitness Connection, Target, Dillard’s and hundreds of others.

Professional Displays

The best name brand commercial displays, from LG to Samsung, Peerless to Premier, you can enjoy the very latest technologies with wholesale prices to the trade protection. And we top it off with stellar consultation services, giving you the know-how to get the installation done, right!

Seminars and Workshops

Featured in Signs of the Times magazine, Sign Builder, Digital Signs Today, and more, our sign industry insights have helped hundreds of “traditional” sign shops move into the dynamic sign arena. In 2005, with 25 years of sign industry development experience, Sign Biz, Inc. established LobbyPOP ®, an advisory and support provider for digital sign industry professionals who seek guidance in dynamic signage. The past decade has seen a great deal of change in the dynamic signage playing field and LobbyPOP continues to be a leading to-the-trade-only resource for sign industry professionals. Founder Teresa M. Young is currently a member of the DSEG Advisory Board, and has presented in-depth workshops for NBM shows, SAi, California Sign Association summit presentations, and the International Sign Association in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

LobbyPOP® was the first entity in the digital sign industry to go dynamic! Since 1989, we have been part of an organization bringing new visual communications applications to the computer-aided sign industry. In January of 1996, we hosted the first symposium on large format digital print for “vinyl” sign shops. In 2005, we were the first in the digital print/ commercial sign industry to research dynamic sign solutions, and in 2006, LobbyPOP was born, to bring dynamic digital signage to the front line of the sign industry. Today, LobbyPOP offers unique dynamic sign solutions, and the most complete sign industry consulting, and sign business support structures anywhere.

Our Mission Statement: “To improve the success of our clients’ businesses by providing expertise, a point of differentiation, and competitive dynamic sign solutions; To strengthen our partnerships with sign industry stakeholders through business-building services; and to provide ongoing support and development of dynamic sign industry professionals who are member participants of the LobbyPOP cooperative association.”

In Summary: We serve our sign industry trade partners with content management, design services, video production, proprietary LobbyCaster sign design software, a select choice of media players, commercial name-brand displays, consulting and marketing strategies, collateral and training, and much more. We serve over 200 sign shops with a complete suite of services, and sell displays, video walls, mounting devices, wireless options, cloud control, and much more.

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