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What to Expect from Professional Voice-Over Services

What to Expect from Professional Voice-Over Services

When you are ready to produce a custom project, using a voice over artist and a professional media team will give you the best results. Here are the most common services you should expect from a video creation team:

A provide a comprehensive review of your script
Will make recommendations, accepted completely at your discretion
You approve a final script, voice-over usually done within about 3 days
You can receive a single audio file, or break it up into sections for easy integration
Fast delivery of your production in your chosen format via secure download
You impress your client’s viewers with exceptional sounding voiceover

Retail value of the voice over narration is dependent upon your script length. The following estimates may not account for all variables in r pricing, but it provides a good rule of thumb. Unusually long messages, multi-site or resale licensing (DSCE and LobbyPOP Pros) and projects that have more than one voice talent will require a direct estimate from us. Due to their custom nature, services like these are non-refundable. Here are typical retail rates:

Under 200 Words= $375
200 – 800 Words = $475
801 – 1800 Words = $675
1801 – 2800 Words= $875

We are meticulous when it comes to producing and editing your audio. And our service is second to none. It all adds up to a better quality production that will reflect more favorably on your business image.