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What about DSCE Training?

What about DSCE Training?

Don't Miss Your Opportunity to Grow with Dynamic Signage

LobbyPOP technology offers the hardware, software, systems and expert design and installation services needed to transform a blank flat panel screen into a communications dynamo. But to take advantage of our agency services, you must become a Digital Signage Certified Expert. This is a credential recognized throughout the digital sign and A/V industries. You can stake your claim to this market opportunity today, just $195.

The market has reached the “tipping point” and growth is explosive. This is your time to differentiate.

Become a Digital Signage Certified Expert in Just One Day

LobbyPOP, in association with the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) and the School of Sign Arts (SOSA) community is announcing an educational opportunity called the Digital Signage Certified Experts (DSCE) program produced by DSEG. The heart of the SOSA-Digital Signage Certified Expert (S-DSCE) program is a one-day digital signage certification web course that is self-directed, with complete documentation of every chapter. You can start and stop, and resume the 8-hour course on your own schedule. This solution provides best value for a very low fee, with on-demand access to practice and learn all through the convenience of a standard web browser. Regardless of your experience level, be it beginner or highly qualified professional, the course content will enhance your skill set.

This comprehensive curriculum (listed right) will give you the valuable DSCE credentials, but more importantly, will give you the knowledge and confidence to add this technology to your visual communications portfolio for your clients.

Why You Should Be Certified

Sign designers, installers and service providers may understand a part of the digital signage technology — but cannot see the full picture of the display, network and content required. A casual glance at a digital sign reveals little about a combination of hardware and software that assembles media files, positions them on the screen, sequences their playback, manages a cohesive schedule of events and even -for larger digital signage networks- delivers the monitoring and diagnostic tools to identify problems and correct problems from a central management center. In order to truly succeed in this space, a solution provider must understand all the disparate parts that comprise a digital signage network, and understand how to properly sell the value in that network to the customer. More than 4700 individuals have become certified in the DSCE program and can now access LobbyPOP products and services to the trade.


  1. The Digital Signage Market
  2. The 7 Key Elements
  3. The Needs Analysis
  4. Value Chain for Vendors
  5. Content
    1. Relevance
    2. Creation and Sources
  6. Digital Software Defined
    1. Player
    2. Server
    3. Management & Scheduling
    4. Content Creation
    5. System Deployment Models
    6. Selecting the “Right” Software
  7. Media Players
    1. Types
    2. How They Interface With:
      1. Displays
      2. The Network
      3. System Software
  8. Business Models ROI/ ROO
  9. Hardware
    1. Signal Distribution
    2. Displays
    3. Mounts
    4. Audio
  10. Differentiation & Selling Value

Digital Signage Certification

There will be a certificate test of 68 questions, with access to the documentation videos. At the completion of the course, with fewer than 8 incorrect answers, the certificate will be issued.


The Online On-Demand Certification Course Bonus

When you register for this self-guided course through the School of Sign Arts, you will receive a valuable bonus: A Guide that you can refer to time and time again. This 40-page “Making the Move to Dynamic Signage” PDF Guide is FREE with every $195 course registration at SOSA. It is designed for sign industry professionals, by sign industry professionals, using terminology you understand and giving you the tools you need to aid in guiding your clients. This guide sells separately for $75.  When you register for the on-line course at SOSA, you will receive your username and password via email shortly after registering. In that same email, you will find your free download link for the guide. It provides comprehensive information for building a scaleable digital signage business, with technical information you will refer to again and again.