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Flysheet- We Know, Penny

We Know, Penny

For your next networking meeting, open house, or in-person sales call, add this to your arsenal of perfect messages for your clients! Each of the “Did You Know?” series flyers features common challenges your customers face when considering dynamic signs. Present the solution in a clever and eye-catching way with these flyers!

Product Description

Free for Registered Trade Pros!

Download this high quality PDF flysheet, one of three in this series. Give this to your prospects as you meet with them, either at a networking function, an open house, or during an in-person sales call. This is a trade-only product.

We designed a series of three high-resolution PDF flyers for you, with the help of marketing experts. Each targets a specific pain point experienced by buyers contemplating digital signs. Show them you understand! The backside provides you with optional space for your own message, map, or other important information!

Relax - These are Free!

As a quality “Leave Behind,” we recommend this PDF be printed on gloss paper, for a finished look. Your branding elements are cohesive and memorable, especially when combined with our Jumbo Postcard series!

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