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Dynamic Signage doesn’t have to be difficult! Get to know LobbyCaster, the top choice of sign professionals, for creating any kind of digital sign, whether it is a Class A office building directory, a menu board, or entertaining education for waiting rooms. Discover how it works for you!

Start by watching the eight little 5-minute tutorials here: LobbyCaster Tutorials

Register to download your free copy of LobbyCaster, if you already have your DSCE certification, or you are a LobbyPOP Pro. Don’t have your trade credentials yet? Jump to step 3, then head back here once you pass the test. You can then request your enrollment for wholesale prices on everything, including plenty of free products. Just request via our Contact page form, include your business phone number and business website. You will be asked to submit your PDF certificate, or alternatively we can validate your status with DSEG.  Easy-Peasy!

Fax or email a copy of your DSCE certificate to LobbyPOP. Fax to: 1-888-319-9346, or email to Amazing@LobbyPOP.com. Do this immediately following Step 2 above. If you are not yet certified as a Dynamic Sign Certified Expert, register for the self-guided, online course at the School of Sign Arts website. There you will receive login credentials to the official course delivered directly from DSEG.org, and only at the School of Sign Arts, also receive an invaluable guide, Making the Move to Dynamic Signs, free! This is a $75 bonus value! Of course you want to be certified – read up here: What is DSCE Certification?

Now that you have downloaded the full LobbyCaster software, next, most professionals in the sign industry order up a display for their own lobby / shop. This consists of a commercial display screen, a LobbyCaster solid state media player, and optionally, a dongle for wireless transmission. The most common screen size ordered is a 42″ or 43″ commercial screen, with the LPM70 media player. With these two basic elements, you are ready to make some fantastic demo layouts to show your clients!

Just connect your media player to your screen with the enclosed HDMI cable. Connect one of your computers through your Local Area Network to your media player (Ethernet or optionally, via wireless dongle), and start building your cool designs, examples of building directories, menu boards, pet adoption displays, florist shop promos, bank messaging, and more! You’ll be using your sign design skills and making impressive displays in no time! Need a jump-start? Select a layout template to modify to your liking!

Ready for the sizzle that no one else can deliver? See the Cinema Select mini infomercial segments, and the full “movie” built for popular vertical markets! Pre-formatted “chapters” have been built for popular industries, and a full “movie” is 12-16 chapters bundled into 3-4 Acts, each with a music selection for the music bed, and voice-over included!  With each Act, you can add your choice of music from our vast library! Every movie and Act includes a gorgeous Wrapper for free, and is watermarked with the client’s logo, making this a very customized product! See Step 7 for Pro Tips!

Pro Tips: Now you have received the video Acts – maybe even the full industry movie – each Act featuring 3-4 industry chapters complete with voice-over and music bed, with a Wrapper of client’s choosing. Place these in a video zone up to 960 pixels wide by 540 pixels high. (Optimum size is 854 pixels by 480 pixels.) These also fit comfortably in Portrait Mode displays. Create a slideshow background (start with a free template from LobbyPOP!) featuring specials of the week or any messages, and you have a powerful advertising display!

Ready to pump it up a notch? Sign shop professionals can request the password to view Sign Industry Movie Chapters, a complete infomercial available for your display! The movie is built in 3-4 Acts (MP4 files, one per music score) that are loaded to a playlist. This playlist plays through to the video zone of your Lobbycaster layout design. Recommended video zone pixel size is 854px wide by 480px high. This is a $16K product if built custom, ie, all custom content, complete voice-over, logo watermarked throughout, your choice of four music selections, rendered for the LobbyCaster system.

Want to rule the world? Or at least manage your players from anywhere in the world? You can! As a registered pro on this site, you can also offer your clients the option for you to manage all of their updates remotely, saving trip charges and time! Set up schedules, day-parting, playlists, layouts, and monitor every player status! For a small monthly connectivity fee per player, you can log into Cloud Control Manager and assign your content changes all day long… 🙂