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What about DSCE Training?

2343 Don't Miss Your Opportunity to Grow with Dynamic Signage LobbyPOP technology offers the hardware, software, systems and expert design and installation services needed to transform a blank flat panel screen into a communications dynamo. But to take advantage of our agency services, you must become a Digital Signage Certified Expert. This is a credential recognized

Are We Still Asking About Consumer Screens?

1380 It is mindboggling to sign industry professionals to realize that some customers think they can run over to Walmart and pick up their new screen for dynamic signage. And in the end it can cost them more, and void their warranty within minutes, if not days, of installation. When the unit fails, they have no

Understanding Digital Signage Content Management

1550 Most digital signage editors fall into one of two camps: Web-centric editors, which use online tools and prevailing Web-based philosophies of design and screen segmentation, and video (canvas)-centric editors, which use concepts, techniques and tools that are familiar to the television community. Of course, there is overlap and other converging ideas, so it is sometimes

What to Expect from Professional Voice-Over Services

1431 When you are ready to produce a custom project, using a voice over artist and a professional media team will give you the best results. Here are the most common services you should expect from a video creation team: A provide a comprehensive review of your script Will make recommendations, accepted completely at your discretion

How to Master Audio Production

1365 Here are some suggestions for your mastering process, which we utilize here. It may not be the most exciting reading, but it's worth your while to read up on the technical aspects of what quality digital sign content with a side of audio entails: Warning: This may get a little technical! My name is Scott

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Interior and Exterior Menu Board Considerations & Myths


As you develop a comprehensively branded, effective and environment-worthy set of digital display menu boards, you will have a few factors to accommodate which are specific to restaurants and quick serve restaurants.